Finnish Spitz

CH Toveri Tyylikas

Photo by Carol Ann Johnson
Photo by Carol Ann Johnson
10th October 1991 - 14th June 2005


Owned, Loved & exhibited by The Byrne Family 


12 CC's/7 BOB's/22 RCC's

1 x Group 3


Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Ch Toveri Ville 

Ch Kiiski of Toveri  
Urheilu-Pennan Tipsu  
Ch Toveri Penny  
Ch Winterreise Toveri Half a Guinea 
Ch Urheilu-Pennan Pipsa of Toveri 
(Imported Finland)
Nyyti at Toveri  

Int/Sc/Fin/Fin Ft Ch Karo  
Scand Ch, Finn Show & Trial Ch Rippe 
Fin Ch Turre 
Kotakummun Nyyti  
Urheilu-Pennan Urkki 
Fin Show & Trial Ch Urheilu-Pennan Pipa